Adrian T.Y. Wong


Call: 2019 | Solicitor (HK): 2017-2018

Adrian commenced practice in 2020 following the completion of his pupillage with Victor Dawes S.C., Norman Nip S.C., His Honour Judge Jonathan Wong, Isaac Chan and Benson Tsoi. He is developing a broad civil litigation practice, having appeared in all levels of the Hong Kong courts, either as sole counsel or a led junior. He is also developing an arbitration practice, being a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Prior to joining the Bar, Adrian qualified as a solicitor after training with an international law firm. He obtained his LLB and PCLL from the University of Hong Kong, and further obtained an LLM with distinction from the London School of Economics (placing in the top 10% of his cohort) and an LLM with first class honours from the University of Cambridge (ranking 4th in his cohort with first class grades in all subjects).

Adrian was awarded the Middle Temple Advocacy Scholarship in 2019.


  • Fong Chak Kwan v Employees Compensation Assistance Fund Board & Ors (2022) 25 HKCFAR 135, [2022] 5 HKC 426: leading decision of the Court of Final Appeal on jurisdictional gateways in service-out applications and interpretation of tort gateway (led by Horace Wong S.C. and with Clark Wang)
  • Defending authorised insurer against Insurance Authority’s proposed disciplinary action to impose public reprimand and substantial pecuniary penalty of HK$65 million (led by Ambrose Ho S.C. and with Isaac Chan)


Commercial & Banking

  • HCA Consulting China Company Ltd v Chiho Environmental Group Ltd (HCA 1372/2022): claim for outstanding fees for consultancy/advisory services in relation to the Mainland industrials market provided to a Hong Kong-listed company
  • Wang Yuexian v Xinyang Maojian Group Ltd (HCA 231/2022): resisting partial summary judgment application for sums allegedly due under bond issued by listed company by way of admission
  • CMB Wing Lung Bank Ltd v Guang Rong Finance Company Ltd (HCA 419/2021): opposing continuation and discharge of worldwide Mareva injunction against subsidiary of state-owned enterprise for breach of banking facilities (with Michael Lok)
  • Kenneth Walter Chad v Chow Yin Man (HCA 643/2020): dispute over ‘success fees’ arising out of sale of multi-national video-conferencing solutions business (with Isaac Chan)
  • Bank of Baroda v Goyal Mukesh Kumar & Ors (HCMP 891/2019): resisting mortgage action based on liabilities under banking facilities (with Christopher Chain)
  • Incu Global Ltd & Anor v Skybound Capital (HK) Ltd & Anor (HCA 853/2018): dispute between manager and advisors of investment fund over futures/options trading and outstanding fees (led by Norman Nip S.C.)
  • Billion World Holdings Ltd v Asia Cosmos Wealth Management Ltd (HCA 499/2016): claim for fees due under and damages for breach of a corporate consultancy agreement

Civil Fraud & Asset Recovery

  • Z v BEA & Ors (HCMP 1656/2022): applications for gagging/anonymity orders and Norwich Pharmacal relief to trace monies totaling around HK$400 million misappropriated by phone scam (with Isaac Chan)
  • Euro Cargo Aviation HK Ltd v HK Wing Tat Co., Ltd & Ruifeng Hong Kong Ltd (HCA 836/2021): resisting applications by separate defendants to set aside default judgments for sums misappropriated by email fraud
  • NongHyup Bank v Universe Income Builder Fund Series VI LLC & Ors [2021] HKCFI 107 (proprietary injunction), [2021] HKCFI 3519 (interpleader): action based on breaches of trust/contract arising from investment scheme for gold trading worth over USD30 million (with Roger Phang)

Company & Shareholder

  • Lam Shu Chung v Hyperlink International Real Estate Development Company Ltd & Ors (HCMP 303/2023): application against company for orders for delivery of share certificates and calling of annual general meetings under ss. 145 and 610 Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622)
  • Lui Lai Yan v Nova Entertainment Ltd & Ors (HCA 1286/2022): interlocutory proprietary and prohibitory injunctions restraining disposal of company’s share transferred by fraud and dissipation of company’s assets (led by Norman Nip S.C.)
  • Yuen Chun Max v Chong Man Yuk & Anor (HCA 1740/2015): trial of business dispute over chain of medical practices held through corporate structure (led by Victor Dawes S.C. and with Michael Lok)

Regulatory & Public Law

  • China Wood Optimization (Holding) Ltd v The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd [2023] HKCFI 1000: application for leave for judicial review against Stock Exchange’s decision to delist trading of listed company’s shares (led by Norman Nip S.C.)
  • Competition Commission v Kam Kwong Engineering Co Ltd & Ors [2020] 4 HKLRD 61, [2020] 5 HKC 470: representing the Commission in its first enforcement proceedings adopting the Carecraft procedure in a ‘hybrid settlement’ case (led by Victor Dawes S.C. and with Isaac Chan)

Trusts & Probate

  • Tam Miu Chi (in her capacity as the Executrix of the Estate of Ho Hiu Kwing) v Ho Man Che Peter (HCA 1309/2021): defending against action claiming life interests in shares held on trust for the deceased (led by Edward Chan S.C.)
  • Ho Man Che Peter v Tam Miu Chi (HCAP 1/2021): probate action to propound will of the late Ho Yiu Kwing, founder of the ‘Hsin Kuang’ brand of restaurants (led by Edward Chan S.C.)
  • Advising on application for court’s sanction of a family arrangement involving an infant beneficiary under a will and the compromise of litigation in Hong Kong and the Mainland (with Horace Wong S.C.)

Land & Tenancy

  • Kafayat Khan (trading as “Oriental Rugs”) v Au-Yeung Lun & Ors (HCA 522/2023): claim against bailiffs and landlord for wrongful distress for rent in arrears
  • Joint and Several Trustees in Bankruptcy of the Property of Yeung Chun Wai Anthony v Yannie Investment Ltd (HCA 1644/2022): defending against bankruptcy trustees’ claims over beneficial interest in valuable residential property (led by Norman Nip S.C.)
  • Cheung Kei Center Ltd v Mount Kelly International Ltd (HCA 1383/2019 & HCA 1668/2019): tenancy dispute over early termination of commercial lease

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

  • The Joint and Several Trustees of the Property of Yeung Wing Sing v Yeung Wing Sing [2021] HKCFI 2018: application to set aside transaction at undervalue under s. 49 Bankruptcy Ordinance (with Norman Nip)
  • Re Forever Winner International Development Ltd (HCCW 80/2021): petition to wind-up trading arm of PRC fashion brand operator
  • Grand T G Gold Holdings Ltd v Lee Sing Leung Robin (HCMP 859/2020): interim injunction restraining presentation of winding-up petition
  • Re North Mining Shares Company Ltd (HCCW 452/2021): supporting petition to wind-up listed company engaged in mining and chemical trading operations
  • Re Carnival Group International Holdings Ltd (HCCW 48/2020): supporting petition to wind-up a listed company engaged in leisure and consumption business

Employment & Insurance

  • FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd v Cheung Lik Keung (HCA 705/2020): claim for ‘clawback’ of signing fee and bonuses from ex-insurance agent
  • UPFitness Ltd v Daniel Dubois (HCA 1531/2020): resisting interim injunction enforcing restrictive covenants under an employment contract
  • Wong Ka Yick v AXA China Region Insurance Co Ltd (HCA 421/2017): dispute involving breach of contract and misrepresentations in relation to setup and operation of a ‘general agency’ model (led by Norman Nip S.C.)

Employees’ Compensation

  • Advising Employees Compensation Assistance Fund Board on coverage of Bullock orders within scope of s. 23 Employees Compensation Assistance Ordinance (with Horace Wong S.C.)
  • Advising Employees Compensation Assistance Fund Board on issues relating to interaction between relief payment and Director of Legal Aid’s first charge
  • Advising Employees Compensation Assistance Fund Board on issues relating to scope of an employees’ compensation insurance policy (with Horace Wong S.C.)

Construction, Arbitration & Related Litigation

  • Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Co Ltd v Xinyang Maojian Group Ltd [2022] HKCFI 2343: resisting enforcement of arbitral award relating to contractual dispute over construction project on the Mainland
  • Lo Ngar Mi v Man Shu Kwan (HCCT 3/2022): oral examination of judgment debtor to facilitate enforcement of SCIA arbitral award (with Lau Ka Kin)
  • Wen Yuzhou & Ors v Man Shu Kwan [2021] HKCFI 2510: application for and extension of worldwide Mareva injunction in aid of SCIA arbitration proceedings in Shenzhen relating to dispute over refund agreements for purchase price of Mainland properties
  • Converge Design and Construction Co Ltd v Mount Kelly International Ltd [2020] HKCFI 2433 (evidence), [2021] HKCFI 1591 (trial), [2021] HKCFI 1908 (interest): dispute over outstanding sums due under renovation contracts (with Desmond Leung)
  • HKIAC Arbitration involving a USD45 million claim for breach of software licensing agreements, copyright infringement, fraud/deceit and unfair competition


  • LLB, University of Hong Kong
  • PCLL, University of Hong Kong
  • LLM (Distinction), London School of Economics
  • LLM (First Class), Magdalene College, Cambridge


  • Middle Temple Advocacy Scholarship
  • Magdalene College Bundy Scholarship
  • Magdalene College Prize for Law
  • Haldanes Criminal Law Moot Champion and Best Mooter
  • HKU Worldwide Exchange Scholarship to Cornell Law School, USA
  • Dean’s Honours List


  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators


  • “Essentials of Common Law – Public Law” Lecture Series at Peking University (2023) on the topic of “Common Law and Equity: Historical Development, Chancellor’s Foot and A Brief Introduction to the Concept of Trusts” (with Horace Wong S.C. and Clark Wang)


  • English (fluent)
  • Cantonese (native)
  • Putonghua (proficient)


Adrian’s LinkedIn page can be accessed here.