We are striving to be the most progressive set of barristers in Hong Kong. Our goal is to do this by providing unrivalled access to legal talent and tools, and to put the evolving needs of leading lawyers and clients at the core of what we do. We feel we can bring a modern edge to legal service delivery, founded on a commitment to driving a client-centric approach. As a group that works across all levels and seniorities, we bring a great deal of experience. We are also relatable, accessible and collegiate people whom you will want to work with time and time again.


Founded in 2022, Rede Chambers is a progressive and committed group of leading legal practitioners in Hong Kong. At our heart is a commitment to delivering excellence of advice and advocacy at all levels, underpinned by the goal of building a practice model that sets the highest standards in service delivery. Our founding members include experts in the chancery world, complex financial and securities disputes, arbitration and regulatory matters, with a growing knowledge of all of the new commercial problems faced by enterprises. Many members have a strong track record in urgent and distressed work, fraud, asset tracing, employment and harassment.

Every individual in chambers has something special to offer. Our more established practitioners have developed strong reputations in the local market and beyond. Our up-and-coming members represent a new generation of talent, enthusiasm and approachability. We are committed to nurturing newer members to deliver excellence across all levels of the set. As a group, our competitive advantage stems from our willingness to strive, individually and collectively. Our range of specialisms means that we can tackle a multitude of challenges for clients.

Our focus is on the Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, but we also have strong expertise throughout the mainland. We are committed to clients everywhere who believe that our model can create the best possible outcomes. Global law firms like a contemporary approach to legal project management. Growing boutiques find real value in working with people who are relatable and collaborative. With us, you will find a group of leading individuals, bound together by their dynamism, versatility and commitment. We aim to achieve a level of unity and cohesion that has never been seen before.



We offer a broad range of practice areas and a diverse selection of dispute resolution services in litigation and arbitrations alike, ensuring that our clients can be fully serviced regardless of the type and complexity of the legal dispute at hand. We believe that being the best is about being user-friendly and responsive, alongside being talented and authoritative. Many of our practices feature repeat work for clients who have become accustomed to exemplary care and attention. At the same time, we strive to offer the highest level of guidance and support, combined with peerless user-friendliness, with the goal of developing long and fruitful partnerships.

In our fast-changing world, simple pricing and relationship management are key. We are dedicated to creating an environment for members where efficiency and value, as well as integrity, are highly prized. Our members are supported by experienced teams to ensure the best balance of skill, experience and value. We can deliver efficient and effective proposals for new work and use legal project management frameworks to deliver all our services, with confidence.


Every individual in chambers has something unique to offer. Our more established practitioners have developed impeccable reputations in the local market and beyond, whilst our up-and-coming members represent a new generation of talented, enthusiastic and approachable barristers. Above all, we are committed to nurturing talent to deliver excellence across all levels of the set.

Thomas Lee

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As a group, our advantage stems from our drive and willingness to give our all. Our broad range of specialisms means that we can tackle a multitude of commercial challenges for clients. We also pay close attention to new legal trends and practice areas, ranging from financial regulations and competition law to international commercial arbitrations. If you are a practitioner looking to join a progressive and like-minded set, or seeking pupillage, this could be a unique place for you to build your career.